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Moroccan Tiles & Stone

We Are Glad To Welcome You At Our Moroccan Tiles Store
Friendly Processes The Environment Preservation Is Our First Occupation we are the first producer Artzellige Team

Moroccan Tiles & Stone

We Are Glad To Welcome You At Our Moroccan Tiles Store
Mosaic tile

Moroccan LimeStone

We Are Glad To Welcome You At Our Moroccan LimeStore

  • Clay tiles dry in the sun. Natural Job

  • It's an art, Not a job. Ours Craftsmen, put the tiles in the traditional oven, pieces by piece, in the format of Triangle

  • It is very important to respect the order and the color scale from the bottom to the top, because each color at this melting temperature different from the upper color.

About Artzellige

Moroccan Tiles and Stone (Art Zellige) is an industrial company specialized in Zellige, Cement tile and Stone production, the founders are handcraft men who inherited this art from father to son for centuries, since the ALMohades Era where this industry was introduced to Morocco from Andalusia (Spain). All our products are made using the unique clay which is known as the best resistant material for clay products from the region of Fez city. We produce several types of Zellige as Mosaic, large-sized panels (hand-painted, chiseled, and drawn) Terracotta, Stones, and Cement tiles. Artzellige offers you the best Moroccan tiles and the best Zellige don’t hesitate to contact us for any further informations

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Mosaic Tiles and Cement tiles for your home

The diversity of our know-how: here is our wealth! From the creation of surfaces to their most complex and innovative designs.

know more about the best moroccan tiles supplier

know more about the best moroccan tiles supplier

With over 42 years of experience in hand made Zellige, Cement tiles, and mosaic tiles. Moroccan Tiles & Stone is the only company in Morocco which makes the zelliges production process from the first step to the final step: from the clay treatment, drying of the tiles under the sun, cooking in the traditional ovens, hand cutting, assembly of small tiles mosaics panels, and in the finish the establishment to customers in all countries of the world. Moroccan Tiles & Stone’s products take steps to achieve a distinctive rank in terms of elegance, luxury, and authenticity, has become the zelliges leader in the international market. feel free to contact us to ask about zellige and Moroccan tiles we are available to answer you 24/7.



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Our company is based on values of dialogue and mutual respect with our craftsmen. We are committed to respecting our customers and we share our goals and respect with our different partners. Less impact on the environment at all stages of production.


The real Tiles of Zelliges, occurs only in the city of Fez, according to the same manual process for more than 5 centuries. In recent years, several companies from Spain, Italy, Vietnam, China, and India … etc, tried to produce Zelliges, but they never succeeded. For that, we have the original version and the real tiles of the Zelliges made by hand, and the other companies of the other countries, have only fake versions.


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